French My Life

The whirlwind week of touring Paris is over. All of my friends have left to return to their respective countries (Denmark and Italy), and I am left with a deep and sincere apology for my lack of posts in the last week (okay, almost two weeks). No, the greves did not rub off on me. I simply have had absolutely zero time to sit down and recount all of the wonderful things I’ve done recently – not to mention all the wonderful new culinary discoveries I have made. Since there’s a lot of ground to cover, I’m going to have to break it up into different pieces, so I hope you’ll stick around until I’m all caught up.

Left to Right: Sasha, Ally, and Me, posing with one of the statues at Trocadero.

The adventure began last Thursday (not four days ago, but the one before that) when a friend from St. Mary’s sent me a Facebook message letting me know that her brother was going to be in Paris for a bit, since he was traveling from Copenhagen to Barcelona. She was concerned that something may happen to his flight because of the strikes – and you know, the blockades around all Paris airports – and she wanted him to have someone to contact in the city. One thing led to another, and Sam ended up staying with us for about 4 days. My guy friends readily welcomed him into our group of friends, and seemed glad to have someone else around to share study-abroad stories with and to explore the city with. Having Sam around was a lot of fun, and despite all the walking that took a serious toll on my legs, it was a lot of fun to show someone around Paris who hasn’t seen it. We walked almost the entire city (all the important stuff), bought books at Shakespeare & Company, ate real crepes, checked out the Louis Vuitton gallery, spent a considerable amount of time in Montmartre, and of course watched the Eiffel Tower sparkle. It was a marathon of touring and exploring, and by the time Sam left on Tuesday I was beat.

Before I could put my walking shoes away, however, it was time to welcome two lovely ladies from back home into our apartment. Sasha and Ally, two good friends from St. Mary’s, traveled from their study-abroad destination in Alba, Italy, all the way to Barcelona, Paris, and then Ireland. They spent Wednesday and Thursday with us, and once more I played tour-guide and indulged myself in good wine and good food in honor of their visit. All of us were tired from so much Euro-touring, so we spent more time just hanging out and relaxing than at the bar/club scene, a nice change of pace from the previous few days.

All in all, it was a wonderful week spent with friends, and the fatigue was 100% worth it. Although sometimes it seems like you can only see the Eiffel Tower so many times, that one glittering moment where it lights up before your eyes is truly incredible. And I get to see it all the time! I was reminded of my luck as my friends passed through, noting how amazing life was in Paris, and how lucky I was to be in such a vibrant and culturally prevalent city. Even though I am still tired from the week-long marathon, I am proud to say I survived walking the city several times, in heels, and would gladly do it again.

Up next: my new favorite places…



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