How many words have been wasted on attempting, fruitlessly, to describe this mysterious and altogether delicious delicacy? Millions, I would guess, perhaps billions. I won’t waste my time adding to the unsuccessful efforts of others, but I will tell you that all those wasted words are not in vain: there is something truly powerful about chocolate, especially when so much of it is in one place, at one time, ready to eat.

What I am talking about is the Salon du Chocolat, an annual celebration of one of the world’s greatest sweet-tooth-satisfiers held at Porte de Versailles (the same place that held the Paris Automobile Show), and the world’s largest chocolate exhibition.

Let that sink in for a moment. The WORLD’S largest chocolate exhibition. Those are some powerful words.

At 12,50 Euro just to get in, you would think that the exhibition hall would be teeming with eager vendors stuffing your mouths full of chocolate, and luckily this was not the case. It’s easy to underestimate the power of just a small amount of sugar to fill you up, but we hadn’t even made it halfway through the exhibit hall before I got the command from my stomach to take a break. The samples added up fast, and with each vendor selling snack-sized treats for under 2 Euro, it was easy to lose control. And that’s exactly what I did. Though overly commercial and at times repetitive, the Salon du Chocolat was incredibly fun and was not at all a bad way to spend Friday afternoon. Highlights…

White Chocolate and Coconut cookie from Laura Todd Cookies and Bio


The little cookie that could.

Call me crazy, but I’m not really a cookie kinda girl. Chocolate, cake, ice cream, gelato…give me anything other than a cookie and I will devour it. For some reason, I was never really into cookies – often times they are overcooked, and I always preferred them gooey and soft. Well, this little cookie changed my mind. Perfectly baked, with the perfect texture and flavor combination – everything about it was delicious.

Sheets upon sheets of chocolate in every flavor you’ve ever imagined (Real Chocolat)

Chocolate overload...


I don’t know how to describe the sensation that came over me when I saw this in front of me. Joy. Sheer joy. Sheets upon sheets of chocolate. Loads of it. I tried a bit of the hot pepper chocolate and absolutely fell in love – you’d be surprised how well spicy and sweet go together. A magical combination, explosive really.

This delicious concoction that I don’t know the name of

Whatever this is, it is delicious. The only explanation is that they put some kind of drug in it.


A few of my friends have a theory: the only way to explain the addiction level of things like McDonald’s, Chipotle, and nutella crepes is that there is crack in them. This, they assure me, is the only possible way said foods could be so delicious, and so addictive. Whether they are right or wrong, this little chocolate-fluffy-coconut ball of deliciousness falls under that category. I have no idea where I got it, what it’s made of, or what was even inside, all I know is that it was incredible. A light, flaky, chocolatey outer crust and a light, fluffy, sweet inside…mm, so good!

Chocolate Sculptures

Yes, that is a woman made of chocolate. Brilliant.


What more can I say? If they had had a chocolate boat, I probably would have sailed it. And eaten it. Simultaneously.

Chocolate Groceries

Chocolate potatoes...mmm.


If real potatoes were as delicious as chocolate, I would eat more of them. But alas, they are not. One of the sad tragedies of life.

Learning How to Make Food Porn

One of my finest attempts at food porn.

Ah, the art of food porn. A term coined by celebrity chefs who argue that we have turned food into nothing more than a celebrity on the red carpet, “food porn” refers to luscious, delectable, up-close photos of food that make our mouths water a little. I tried my hand at this at the chocolate exhibition, snapping photos of the delicious-looking sweets obsessively and experimenting with different flash settings on my camera. I am particularly proud of this one, which just makes me want to go eat a ton of chocolate…maybe I will.


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