Snow in Paris

Snow just makes Paris magical.

Except, of course, for all the slush…and slipping…and wet everything that comes along with it.

But in the very least, it looks gorgeous.

The Eiffel Tower from the deck of Cafe de l'Homme at Trocadero

During an afternoon coffee at Cafe de l’Homme, a chic cafe that overlooks the Eiffel Tower at which I was supposed to meet a friend (we miscommunicated and ended up missing each other), I watched the snow fall and tried to make out in the distance Paris’ most notable landmark. Not that easy…

Snowpocalypse, anyone?

I also became insanely jealous watching this kid build a snowman with his dad…

"'iz name weill bee Pee-airrr"

And just generally enjoyed taking photos of the snowy wonderland…

Can't you just hear the Christmas carols in your head?


As much as I dislike trekking through the snow, I have to say, Paris’ white winter coat is one of its most becoming.


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