I’m On A Boat!

As Kenneth Grahame wrote so eloquently in The Wind in the Willows, “Believe me, my young friend, there is nothing – absolutely nothing – half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats.” I was reminded of this little mantra on Friday, when we went to the Salon Nautique de Paris (the Paris Boat Show). Before Barcelona, I hadn’t seen boats in about 4 months, other than the bateaux-mouches that go up and down the Seine, so I was on Cloud 9 as we strolled the show in awe. Wooden boats, little boats, big boats, motor boats, sailboats…


I don’t think I realized how much I truly miss sailing until I was touching the cleats of these boats, reminding myself how to trim and ease, and letting all the foreign terminology come back into my brain. It made me realize how much I miss the team, sailing everyday, and my wisecracking coach. Just another month and I’ll be back home doing what I love, but until then I’ll have to let the memories suffice.


2 thoughts on “I’m On A Boat!

  1. One more month and then what will I DO????? I SO look forward to reading your blog and catching up with what you are doing and more importantly what you are eating!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell me you’re planning to continue blogging once you’re back in the states!! You’re not even out of Europe and i’m already starting to miss you!! No one can described things the way you do, Marina!!

    1. Haha, well thank you! I am planning on continuing the blog when I get back to St. Mary’s, hopefully I still have things to write about. It won’t be quite as exciting as Paris, but I’m sure I’ll find a way to make life in the County amusing.

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