Here are a few things I am absolutely in love with right now.

Limes (occasionally accompanied by tequila)

I don’t know if it’s the color, the smell, or the taste, but recently I have been all about this fantastic fruit. Perhaps it’s because my drink of choice is so often gin and tonic, with a lime.

Something about this yummy fruit just screams "summer"!

The Color Orange

It’s the signature color of Hermes, one of my favorite houses and a Parisian trademark, and the choice color for Le Bon Marche’s classy bags. It’s also the dominant color in our new library at Sciences Po, and although I was never a big orange fan, I am beginning to rethink that position. It’s warm, offbeat, and fun. It’s a way of being classy and still being approachable – I love it. Yes, deep orange – I am in love.

Even the RATP knows how to be fashionable - I snapped this pic at the Maubert-Mutualite (line 10) metro stop, where the seats are this rich shade of orange.


Baby, it’s cold outside – and what better way to warm up than to light some candles? Even the cheapest, smallest candles provide a sense of warmth and a feeling of being truly at home, which is why I’ve been using them everywhere and in every which way possible. At a recent gathering of friends, we filled up a giant candle holder (we’re not really sure what it is) with water, and floated a gold candle in it. Beautiful and simple.


Also loving my trip to Heidelberg tomorrow, and the fact that my TWENTY-FIRST BIRTHDAY IS IN TWO WEEKS!!

Paris, prepare yourself.


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