Procrastination (procrastinate); pro-cras-tin-ate; verb: delay or postpone action; to put off doing something

Hello, work, I don't believe we've met for a semester...

The problem with not doing work all semester is that when you finally are faced with real, actual, work, you realize that you have lost all capability and motivation to do it. Hence why this one 10 page research paper (not too long in research paper terminology) has taken me for-ever to finish, and why I am still awake at 7:15 am, not having packed for Germany or finished said paper. If anyone would like to finish a paper under the title “The Charter School Game: Gentrification and the Fight for Equal Education in a Neoliberal City”, please let me know.


2 thoughts on “Procrastination

    1. Haha, I know you feel…
      Gentrification: making things more suitable for the middle class, i.e. making the city “better” to attract wealthier residents
      Neoliberal: Whew, how to explain that one briefly…free-market ideology. The private sector provides services – health care, education, etc. – for which we shop rather than have them provided free of charge from the state.
      In short, I’m writing about how charter schools represent the changing neighborhoods of Chicago, and how they exclude low-income and minority students because said students don’t always have the means to attend the best schools.
      Whew. Now I just have to finish writing it.
      Thanks for subscribing – I promise not all posts are so….scholarly!

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