Christmas Shopping

Ah, Christmas in Paris: magical, beautiful, expensive, and crowded. Some highlights from my Christmas shopping excursion today:

Smelling every different fragrance from Chanel…

Coco by Chanel

The beautiful Christmas decorations in the center of the perfume/cosmetic area of Galeries Lafayettes….

Christmas Tree!

The Tiffany’s counter, where I ogled for several minutes…

Tiffany keys

Sigg water bottles: 40 EURO!!! In the US they are about 20 USD for a big one (about 13 Euro). So if I were to buy one in France it would be the equivalent of about 55 USD!! WHAT!?

Sigg water bottles

These giant tubs of Nutella, which were actually difficult to lift. I think maybe our team should start carrying them around campus for a workout instead of hitting the gym twice a week…


My new favorite color: orange, on display in Lafayettes de Maison…

Currently obsessed with this color orange, in case you missed it.

And of course, my Christmas presents that I picked up at Mariage Freres, a specialty tea store. I had them gift wrapped and everything!

Tea from Mariage Freres

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