NBD: Abbreviation for “No Big Deal”, a phrase often used to denote something that really is a big deal, but that the speaker doesn’t want others to know is a big deal. Often used ironically.

Yacht Club de France burgee

Shaun and I get along so well for many reasons, but one of them is a love of all things nautical (read: fancy knots, J.Crew, the color combination of blue and gold, big boats, Sperry shoes). Since his parents are in town, and his Dad is big into sailing/boats/all things associated, he makes it a point to visit yacht clubs when he travels. I, of course, was down for this exploration. We headed to the Yacht Club de France on Rue de la Foch, which is less of a true yacht club and more of a meeting place for rich French yachters. Regardless, it was incredible. What’s more, the Commodore greeted us personally and gave us a tour. Although it was in the process of closing (which meant no dark & stormy’s), we still got to enjoy the beautiful building and all of its indulgently nautical decorations.

Yacht Club de France

The highlight was probably being complimented on my French by the Commodore himself, a Sciences Po grad (yay!) who was kind enough to give Shaun and I his business card with his e-mail and phone number handwritten on it. It was quite a compliment and very un-French, and his hospitality was outstanding: he smiled and said “Us yachtsmen must…eh…” and we filled in, “stick together!”


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