Heidelberg, Day 3: Churches, Bridges, and Monkeys

The view from the old bridge, where you can see the entire schloss and the German flag flying proudly from one of its towers.

Having been in Heidelberg for 3 days and not having seen its famous bridge, I headed there on Sunday ready to brave the cold and wind in order to see the city’s most famous feature. Wow. It was cold. I hadn’t even made it to the bridge when I realized that my Converse were soaked through, and my socks were beginning to get slushy. Not only was it freezing cold, but it was grey and windy, and the cold was bitter and bone-chilling. Nonetheless, it gave me an excuse to stop inside the beautiful church that I had walked by several times and admire its gothic architecture. It seemed that some German king was buried there or something, but I can’t read German so I could only guess.

A church in Heidelberg whose name I cannot pronounce. Or spell.

I stayed in the church for a bit, lighting a candle as I always do, and warming up before venturing back out into the cold. I headed out after asking a nice German lady where the “alte bruche” was (spelling: questionable) – or the “old bridge”. She pointed me in the right direction after correcting a subtle intonation in my German attempt, and I thanked her profusely. I stepped back out into the freezing cold and quickly found my way to the bridge, and its famous brass monkey. There’s not much to say here, the pictures can speak for themselves, so enjoy!

Heidelberg's famous brass monkey
The famous bridge leading into Altstadt
The two towers of the bridge
Another shot of the Brass Monkey

Having seen the famous bridge and a beautiful view that absolutely took my breath away, I started heading back to the hostel, but decided to be brave and explore some of the old town a bit more – however, not before stopping into a cafe for the most delicious white-chocolate hot chocolate that I’ve ever had. Cafe Viva, right behind the bridge, was lovely – warm, cozy and decorated with photos of Audrey Hepburn and plenty of candles – and the perfect place to stop in for an afternoon chocolat chaud. I enjoyed it for about an hour before deciding to head out and explore for a bit longer. I wandered aimlessly for a while, enjoying the beautiful buildings that line the streets of Altstadt and the famous university buildings for which the town is famous.

I enjoyed the quirky colors of Germany far more than the bland colors of Paris.

I finally headed back to the hostel and warmed up for a while before heading back to Bismarckplatz, where I had read about a nice restaurant that is a bit out of the tourist area. Cafe Gekco, right off of Bismarckplatz, was a great place to settle in for a nice long dinner and a few glasses of Riesling (great German white wine!). I ordered tomato soup to start, which was amazing, and a glass of ginger ale – since we don’t have it in Paris. Anywhere. The tomato soup was clearly homemade, and was perfect for a relief from the cold. I moved on to wienerschnitzel and some Riesling, taking my time to enjoy the fine German fare and the cool, eccentric vibe of the cafe. The resaurant had a bar with an overhang of funky lights, as well as offbeat decor and wicker furniture that didn’t look like it belonged in Germany. I would definitely recommend it to anyone traveling to Heidelberg – it’s a bit off the beaten path and I didn’t hear any English; the waitress even spoke to me in German at first. After a relaxing dinner – and fairly inexpensive, about 25 Euro for soup, wienerschnitzel, two glasses of great wine, and ginger ale (haha) – I headed back to the hostel for a quiet night in. I was tired, and wet, and cold, and figured that no one would be out on Sunday anyway. It was nice to spend a quiet night in, and prepare for more adventures the next day!

Cafe Gekco in Heidelberg

2 thoughts on “Heidelberg, Day 3: Churches, Bridges, and Monkeys

  1. Hi there. You have a great blog! I was wondering if I could possibly use that first photo of Heidelberg castle on my own personal blog, if I credit you? I’m writing a post on own trip to Heidelberg. It’s just a great picture, and I didn’t manage to get a good one from that view when I was there.

    1. Hi! Yes, please feel free to use it and give me credit…I don’t mind at all, happy to help 🙂 Sorry for the delayed response, haven’t really been keeping up with this blog. Planning on posting some new content though so I hope you’ll come back to check it out!

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