Heidelberg: Final Thoughts/Gallery

Auf Wiedersehen, Germany! Until next time.

I am so glad I took a solo vacation to Heidelberg. It was just the alone time that I needed: being thrown into a foreign country where I don’t know the language (well, other than 1-10), and where the culture is (almost) completely foreign. But I left feeling completely at home – I left having fallen in love with the country and its culture, especially the language. As I boarded my train to Paris, I felt so sad to leave Germany, and even arriving in Paris I felt disappointed. The people in Germany were friendly, respectful, and helpful without overdoing it, and I never felt unsafe. I made a pact with myself to go back when I could spend more time/money, and travel throughout the country and enjoy the rich history and culture that it has to offer. Not to mention the incredible food. I still wish I were back in Deutschland, spending a white Christmas over beer and saurkraut. But alas, I’m back in Paris, and it looks like it will at least be a white Christmas here.

For more photos from my trip to Heidelberg, check out the gallery


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