Window Shopping and Aimless Walking

Following my shortened visit to Invalides, I walked around for a while before jumping on the metro and heading home. It had been a while since I had gotten lost in Paris (in a good way), and the feeling of discovery felt new again. I walked down Rue de Grenelle, and stumbled upon some lovely treasures. Check it out…

A delicious Nutella and coconut crepe - my favorite! And one of the biggest I've had in Paris.
Rue de Cler, a lovely market street, all decorated for Christmas
Delicious looking oranges at the market on Rue Cler
Eglise Saint Jean: small, humble, and adorable
The doorknob of Eglise Saint Jean, featuring a two-headed dog (cat?), which I thought was very interesting

Ah, I love exploring. Also did some serious window shopping…

Vintage watches
Vintage rings with MY name on them
More vintage jewelry, including a reddish-orange necklace with a gold tassel pendant on it by Hermes

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