Writing on the Wall

There is no better way to eat French onion soup than in a cafe in Montmartre in Paris, on a freezing cold, grey, icky day. That’s exactly what I did today at “Le Tire Bouchon” (the wine-opener, corkscrew, whatever you call it) in Montmartre, a really quirky and slightly touristy cafe near Sacre Coeur that features little notes from people all over the walls. After enjoying my delicious French onion soup, and butter/sugar crepe, I made my own contribution: a little map of Paris with a big kiss on it (in Chanel lipstick, of course) on which I wrote: “Paris, tu es mon vraiment amour! Bisous, Marina” – “Paris, you are my true love! Kisses, Marina”. Parfait.

That's ONE USD!!! That's like, a whole 50 cents in Euro!!
Soup a l'oignons...delicious!

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