Home Sweet Home

I am finally, finally home. Finally. After spending the last 5 days of my adventure in the hospital (nothing too serious), I have finally arrived home, sweet home. I am happy to be here with my family, bagels, and Dr. Pepper. Not to mention, real, American coffee. Apologies for the lack of posts, there was no internet in my hospital room, and I’ve only just found the motivation to finish the post I had started the Tuesday that I ended up in a hospital near Bastille in Paris.

For those of you have been following, thank you. This experience has been wonderful, and I could not be happier to have shared it with you all. I am planning on continuing La Vie En Rose for the coming months (at least), so stay tuned, my life tends to take interesting turns.

A few more posts to come about my last days in Paris, and then it’s on to reality.


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