Back on the River

Thursday at two o’clock in the afternoon is a very special time: it is that designated time of day when I head down to the waterfront, excess gear in hand, listening to motivational music and gearing up for an afternoon out on the water. Though the sailing season has yet to commence, our first team meeting yesterday was a welcome one for me. I had missed having my sailing family around, even the grimy boatwork that comes with maintaining our immense fleet of boats and our beautiful but high-maintenance docks. Dumping my gear off in the team room felt like moving back home, to a familiar place with people who I care about. It just felt right!

The St. Mary's River mid-January

If you haven’t seen how beautiful our waterfront property is, just admire these photos: the landscape that stretches before us each day as we sail out to practice is beyond words. The seemingly infinitesimal river meeting the horizon, interrupted only by the green shores and their Southern-esque homes reminiscent of another time, long gone. On a clear day, the river will shine beneath the sun, the waves dancing and glowing beneath the golden rays. On cloudy days, like yesterday, a thick fog hangs over the river and its shores, creating an eerie, grey landscape through which you can barely make out the houses on the far banks.

Check out the ice around this boat...

The rainy grey weather makes me a little homesick for Paris: I would happily walk to the metro and enjoy the warmth of the station until venturing back out into the cold, only to seek refuge in a museum or cafe. The boathouse is now my refuge: with its fireplace and feeling of accomplishment, I feel back at home despite feeling so far away from it.


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