A Few of my Favorite Things

There is nothing I enjoy more than new things. Okay, that’s a lie, but with the start of a new semester comes the joy of a few new excitements to get me pumped for the all-out academia about to hit me. Here are a few things that I’m enjoying at the moment!
My Moleskine planner, aka my best friend, sitting atop all my books.

I happen to have an odd affinity for paper products/office supplies/back-to-school shopping (of the Staples variety). It’s a little unhealthy, actually. So much so that when the campus bookstore didn’t have my signature soft-cover, daily Moleskine planner, I had to order it from a website. I literally cannot leave my room without it: inside I have mapped out in inane detail the happenings of each day, including hot pink post-its with to-do lists, homework lists, and various other lists that help keep me organized. I honestly think my healthiest relationship is with my planner.


DiorShow Iconic mascara, via Sephora.

My obsession with DiorShow mascara began last year, when Haley tipped me off to its magical qualities. Originally I was a tried-and-true DiorShow fan (the original), but while in Paris, I was feeling adventurous and tried out DiorShow Black-Out and was unimpressed: it’s clumpy and a little overdramatic for everyday wear. But when my recent eye troubles forced me to replace half of my makeup bag, I snagged this DiorShow Iconic mascara ($28, Sephora.com) and I have to say, it’s love. It is the perfect mascara: it doesn’t clump, and it separates and lengthens to perfection. And it looks really pretty in my makeup bag. I also picked up Stila’s liquid eyeliner pen ($20, Sephora.com) – by far one of my new favorite beauty products! It goes on easy even with my lack of skill, and makes Brigitte Bardot’s cat-eye look easy to replicate.


OPI nail color in Russian Navy

I think I paint my nails about once a week, seriously. It lets me focus on something different for about 10 minutes, which is nice when your mind is bogged down in philosophy/Spanish/art history. I generally choose my color based on how I’m feeling, and this week’s flavor was chosen for its boldness and solidity (OPI Nail Color in Russian Navy). The deep blue is mysterious and strong, and reminds me of the blue yoga mats that I stare at mindlessly while in class everyday. The blue is also appropriate for the beginning of the spring sailing season, and the countless hours I will undoubtedly spend on the river this season!


Watch by Dolce & Gabbana Time

How fantastic is this watch? I have been absolutely dying for a nice watch for a few years now, and I finally found this Dolce & Gabbana one and was in love. The square bracelet and face is geometric and a little androgynous, but still feminine, and of course I love anything in gold – it is just enough pizzazz to spice up any outfit while still remaining low-key. I love the brown face too – it complements almost any outfit. Simple yet luxurious….love it.


That’s it for now…bizoo!


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