Game-Day Guacamole

While on the subject of food, I couldn’t resist posting another amazing recipe that I’ve stuck by: guacamole. It is by far one of my favorite foods, though I used to turn my nose up at it as a kid because of its icky green color. Now, I can’t help but delve into guac like it’s my job. The best part is that this snackable delight is pretty healthy – the avocados have a lot of good fat in them, so don’t overdo it, but it’s full of veggies and still tastes delicious! I like mine pretty chunky, with lots of flavors, and a good amount of kick. No photos for this one, but I thought since it is Superbowl Sunday, the crowd-pleasing recipe might be appreciated!


6 avocados, fairly ripened so they mush well

1 large onion

2 large red bell peppers

3 or 4 tomatoes (depending on how big they are)

a half spoonful of chopped or minced garlic

a fair amount of lime juice (keep squeezing until you get the lime to avocado ratio you want)

Tabasco sauce

several shakes of salt

1 lime

2-3 bags of tortilla chips, for serving


1. Peel and cut the avocados into small pieces that will be easily mushed, placing them in a large bowl

2. Chop up the onions, peppers, and tomatoes into small pieces, leaving them only slightly chunky, and place them in a separate bowl (for now)

3. Mush up the avocados about half-way, so it’s not completely mushed, and still pretty chunky

4. Add in the onions/peppers/tomatoes, and mush more

5. Toss in the garlic, a good amount of lime juice (throw in some freshly squeezed lime juice if you want), several shakes of salt, and a couple shakes of Tabasco sauce. Many recipes call for cilantro, but I’ve made this recipe several times without it and it comes out well. Add it in if you like!

6. Continue to mush, and continue to taste test, adding in more salt/tabasco/lime juice to suit your personal taste

7. When the concoction tastes palatable, and is properly mushed (mushy but still a little chunky, perfect for dipping), cover with saran wrap and let sit in fridge for 45 minutes to an hour

8. When it is properly chilled, serve in a colorful bowl (personal preference) with a few slices of lime on top and LOTS of tortilla chips!

Voila, there you have it – perfect guac for a healthy game-day treat!


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