New York Fashion Week: Porter Grey

New York Fashion Week is well under way, and even though I’m stuck in St. Mary’s County, Maryland, thanks to technology and the blog world, I’ve been able to keep up with the happenings, and the FW2011 collections. If you are quick to dismiss fashion week as nothing more than a couple runway shows that no one really cares about, think again: what’s on those runways this week and next will inevitably dictate what’s in your closet next fall, whether or not you know it. Judging by the following looks from Porter Grey’s FW2011 collection, it looks like the 90’s grunge look might be making a comeback. I never hopped on the plaid bandwagon, but maybe it’s time to do so….




I love this look: the maroon pants are a beautiful, rich shade, perfect for the changing colors of autumn, and the collared blouse and zippered coat is clean cut yet slightly grunge, and the boots are great.


I LOVE this coat. If I could buy one thing for my wardrobe next fall, this would be it. It’s feminine yet structured, soft yet architectural, and has the most amazing shape and color. Absolutely beautiful!


I love this take on the little black dress, though I’m not sure how I feel about the little pooch in the front – I would most definitely look pregnant. Other than that, I love the shape and structured feel of this LBD, and I’ll pass off that pooch as an unfortunate side affect of the pose rather than the dress itself.

I really loved the designer’s choice to use boots: they fit the pieces well and further emphasize the recent scaling back of heels, which has happened industry-wide. Manolo Blahnik pointed out how uncomfortable women are in stilettos, and how elegance will come easier with more wearable heel. So boots? Yeah, I can do that.


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