NYFW: Lyn Devon

This is definitely my favorite collection so far (though there are some big names still coming up). The pieces are just beautiful: just whimsical enough to wear, classy and feminine yet structured and soft. They are wearable and simple, and the prints are young and fresh. I am actually in love.


I want this dress. It would look terrible on me, I know, I am far too curvy to pull off the straight, linear cut and the horizontal lines. But the colors, the structure – lovely. I love the skirt: normally I hate the half-n-half look, but this look pulls it off so well, allowing it to flow and continue rather than cutting itself off.


Simple, sexy, sophisticated. Like you rolled out of bed and into this gown. I’d love to see it paired with pearls.


I love the dichotomy of this look: the two pieces using blue polka dots, in different sizes, works in a surprising and sophisticated way. The touch of color at the middle pops subtly, and the color combinations are so well put together.


Potentially my favorite look. I can see this at a yacht club or country club, but it’s almost too young and different to be put in that context. The yellow cardigan over the simple striped dress is so wearable and chic, and as this is one of my favorite palettes. I love it: seventies chic for preps. Perfect.


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