New York Fashion Week: Christian Siriano

If I had to describe Christian Siriano’s Fall 2011 collection, I would call it a gothic novel. In reality, his looks were inspired by black orchids, but the romantic yet dark and dramatic looks made me think of Wuthering Heights or Jane Eyre. The gowns are completely over the top, ruffled, and striking, while the daywear looks are only slightly more understated. And the shoes….apparently Mr. Siriano didn’t get the message about smaller heels in the coming seasons: the heels were so dramatically tall that many models tripped and/or fell. Here’s a sampling of the collection…

Siriano RF11 1592

A sheer black asymmetrical skirt with a black trench coat, and some killer heels. The all-black ensemble reminds me of Paris…

Siriano RF11 1665

Love this black coat, especially with those crazy boots!

Siriano RF11 1731

By far my favorite gown. Look at the way the fabric barely shimmers, but still catches your eye…and the clean lines are feminine and sexy. The fluid bottom is my favorite part, it looks like the petals of a flower. I would love to see someone wearing this on the red carpet…

Siriano RF11 1788

My second favorite dress, another one I wouldn’t mind seeing on a celeb. The shape up top is simple and soft, while the bottom is utterly romantic and just dramatic enough. Not sure if I would stick with those shoes though, I’d probably throw on a pair of neutral colored heels to complement the feminine feel of the gown.

Siriano RF11 1839

How gorgeous is this cocktail dress? The color is divine, especially paired with those green heels, and the detailing is just beautiful. Once again, I would love to see someone wear this on the red carpet.

Siriano RF11 1868

Love, love, love. I adore the colors and print of the flowy fabric, and the simple shape. Gorgeous.

Siriano RF11 1859

Now this is something I could rock – it is curve-worthy in every way! The color is feminine and beautiful, and the shape is just perfect – I love the sexy ruching down the thighs, the elegant flow of the skirt, and above all the triangular tuft of floral detail at the top. The symmetry is incredible, and I would absolutely wear this…with some simple pearls, of course!

Siriano RF11 1878

I know this look is completely over the top, but I love it. It’s different, dramatic, and eye-catching. The ruffles lend a softness to the extremes of the black and green, and the sheer black is so appealing.

Siriano RF11 1888

One of the final pieces of this collection, this over-the-top black dress is wonderful. I love the flouncy bottom and the combination of sheer fabrics, plus the subtle hints of metallic. Of course it’s overly dramatic, but I think that’s what I love about it – Siriano totally committed to the theme, to the drama, and to the beauty of the concept. Polished, sexy, and unapologetic – and above all, daring.


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