New York Fashion Week: Alexander Wang

While I understand 90’s nostalgia, I have to say I think Alexander Wang took it a few steps too far with his Fall 2011 collection. I find it absolutely fascinating that often, in times of economic difficulty, our cultural and fashion choices reflect nostalgia for the most recent time of economic flourishment. But the one thing that drives me nuts about the 90’s is its fashion: maroon-brown lips? Those chunky heels? Grunge? It’s not my personal style, so I’ll probably do my best to avoid it, but alas, the fashion world will not. Some looks I found somewhat decent…

Alexandre Wang RF11 0781

I can dig this dress, especially since it looks so warm and cozy. I love the side zipper, and the fact that it’s black (a great lack-0f-color choice).

Alexandre Wang RF11 0917

I’m still not a huge fan, but I like the details on the top, and the sheer fabric (nothing is sexier than a nice sheer top when worn correctly). Not sure how I feel about the pants…

Alexandre Wang RF11 1016

Lukewarm about the cut of the top, it kind of reminds me of…I don’t know…shredded paper. But the color and fabric look ethereal. I feel like even the models look unhappy in these outfits…

Overall, I don’t love it. Too much 90’s, too much black, too much all-out grungeness.


2 thoughts on “New York Fashion Week: Alexander Wang

  1. El tema de tu articulo esta bien escrito y yo solo pense que debia dejar un cumplido poco aqui. Bien hecho y sigue asi! He pensado en iniciar un blog de WordPress tambien. ?Sabe usted sitios donde ensenan como?

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