New York Fashion Week: Lela Rose

Lela Rose’s collection has to be one of my favorites. The colors were like they popped out of an Impressionist painting – and they were, in fact, inspired by a German painter – but the designer completely turned art into fashion, which is such an incredible feat. These gowns are like moving paintings, and their soft, feminine lines and colors are exactly what I think women want to wear – unlike Alexander Wang’s over-dramatic collection that had me running in the other direction, probably to Lela Rose for these feminine pieces. The hair and makeup is elegant and timeless, perfectly fitting for these sensational numbers. The best part: the shoes are from Lela Rose’s new collection for Payless. Payless!! I have a pair of the designer’s shoes from the last Payless line, a pair of purple suede ankle boots with a slender little heel that I absolutely adore (the zipper on the back has a little purple bow on it – I was sold). Overall, I’m in love. Great collection.

Lela Rose RF11 2651

How gorgeous is this gown? The color scheme is simple and soft, and the belted, asymmetrical top is so beautiful. I love the hair and makeup on the model – simple and timelessly elegant.

Lela Rose RF11 2616

I think I just died and went to fashion heaven. This gown is just gorgeous: the brushes of metallic (looks kind of green, but I can’t really tell), the gathering at the waist, the elegant silhouette…breathtaking.

Lela Rose RF11 2572

My only criticism of this dress is that I’ve probably seen it before – a hundred times. I do love the pink, as it is feminine and subtle, and the shape is beautiful. It’s just a bit unremarkable.

Lela Rose RF11 2549

I love this! So fun and different, especially with the asymmetrical top.

Lela Rose RF11 2510

Lela Rose RF11 2491

I want this for gala next year.

Lela Rose RF11 2454

No, this one! The color is so amazing, and I love the sheer, layered fabric, and the beading on top. It’s got a touch of Grecian, and is simple but different. I love the way it wraps….absolutely gorgeous.

Lela Rose RF11 2429

Spicy, no? I love the complexity of this little number, as well as the fun color and texture. It’s young, yet still elegant and classy.

Lela Rose RF11 2379

I love the drama of this piece. The necklace, the dramatic colors of the skirt, the simplicity of the top…I could see Cate Blanchett or someone similarly stylish rocking this on the red carpet.

Lela Rose RF11 2322

I love the sculpture of this outfit, and the fact that it’s a number someone with curves could totally pull off. Check out the model – she looks like she has hips (I mean, she might). The colors are great too, simple and unfussy.

Lela Rose RF11 2236

Is that a plaid gown? Yes, yes it is. Gorgeous. If someone doesn’t wear this during awards season, I’ll be seriously disappointed.

Lela Rose RF11 2170

Lela Rose RF11 2148

Lela Rose RF11 2126

I LOVE this coat. The pop of color at the bottom is heavenly.

Lela Rose RF11 1969

I would love to see Anne Hathaway in this dress. Or me. Either one.

Lela Rose RF11 1864

What I would wear on a first date…



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