NYFW: Diane Von Furstenberg

I love Diane Von Furstenberg. The great thing about women designers is that they understand women: they understand what you want to look like, how you want to feel, and how you want to be perceived. So far all of my favorite collections from fashion week have been by women (Rachel Comey, Lyn Devon, DVF), except for Christian Siriano, and this is why. DVF’s prints are fun and still elegant, her silhouettes are easygoing and relaxed, but still have some trace of structure and symmetry, and her mastery of colors is more impressive than any other designer I can think of: bright colors in monochrome? No problem. Metallics? She somehow makes them look….classy. Fringe? Effortlessly chic. DVF’s sense of style is perfect for women, of all ages, of all interests, and has global appeal. Her collection this season took its inspiration from the American West, and as I am a student of political science and the question of American identity, I love this: the American West is how we asserted ourselves, how we reaffirmed our belief in the American dream and the American work ethic, and DVF embodies this ideal and translates into fashion. I absolutely love her Fall 2011 collection, and will undoubtedly be adding some brightly colored pieces and fringe to my wardrobe as a result of it.

Von Furstenberg RF11 3261

I love this black and white print, and the mod embodiment of Western style. I’m fascinated by the sash – a major theme at other shows as well.

Von Furstenberg RF11 3289

I love the bold color of this red frock, and the big bangles paired with the red lips are great accents.

Von Furstenberg RF11 3336

How fun! I love the diagonal stripes, and the red and gold combination. The off the shoulder look adds a particular boldness as well.

Von Furstenberg RF11 3361

I am in love with the skirt and blouse, especially paired with that hot belt. Very sexy, yet elegant.

Von Furstenberg RF11 3372

Hot, hot, hot!! The ruffles, the belt, the black….daring and sexy.

Von Furstenberg RF11 3388

I want this dress. All of it.

Von Furstenberg RF11 3425

Von Furstenberg RF11 3549

Von Furstenberg RF11 3563

Sexiest. Dress. Ever. The metallic is understated and simple, and so classy.

Von Furstenberg RF11 3581

Red trench coat + hot red suede fringe boots = amazing. I generally don’t go for the monochrome look, but I’m in love. The layers, textures, and varying shades all come together so nicely.

Von Furstenberg RF11 3593

I’m crazy about this print, and the loose, easygoing feel (a very DVF look).

Von Furstenberg RF11 3615

Once again, I don’t know how this happened, but I love this monochrome looke. It just works.

Von Furstenberg RF11 3649

Von Furstenberg RF11 3765

The only time I’ve ever seen purple and pink work together. Ever.

Von Furstenberg RF11 3820Von Furstenberg RF11 3781

Von Furstenberg RF11 3952

Though I am too short to ever pull this off, I love it!! The blue and gold is so fun and cute, and the shape is irresistibly free.

Von Furstenberg RF11 4016-1


Von Furstenberg RF11 4043

Sexy, sexy, and more sexy. And fun. In love

Von Furstenberg RF11 4053

Absolutely stunning.



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