NYFW: Prabal Gurung

Gurung RF11 8339

The glamor! The colors! The drama! No one does dramatic gowns quit like Prabal Gurung, and if you couldn’t tell by this hot asymmetrical dress (worn fiercely by none other than Karlie Klauss), it is a collection full of spice and elegance. I love the red tress with the bow-tie like top and one-shoulder – very sexy, very elegant, and the red is divine.

Gurung RF11 8480

Love this…dramatic and completely fierce. In two words, girl power.

Gurung RF11 8540

I definitely would not wear this with tights, as the slit is just too sexy to cover up. I love the top of the dress, the structured asymmetry, and the red. This is totally red-carpet worthy.

Gurung RF11 8558

Aah, trench coats, one of my one true loves. I love that it’s grey and belted, and especially with those big boots – very sexy!! I love the fierceness of these pieces, they are so empowering.

Gurung RF11 8668

So cute….so cute. Would anyone judge me if I wore this to class? I want to cozy up in it with a novel.

Gurung RF11 8764

Love the structured/unstructured look of this outfit, especially the massive collar and the black/white combo. There’s just something so peaceful about an androgynous suit in black and white…Coco would be proud.

Gurung RF11 8777

Gurung RF11 8823

If I were invited to the Grammy’s, this is what I would wear. I love it! The shimmer, the fringe, the gold and silver combination…divine. So surreal and sexy and bold…who do you think we’ll see it on this season?

I’d put my money on Blake Lively.

Gurung RF11 9024

Dark and dramatic…I’m a fan. Karlie Klauss completely rocks this look.

Gurung RF11 9053

Very cool. It reminds me of an angel or some otherworldly creature. The texture is so interesting, and the color (or lack thereof) is so effervescent.


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