NYFW: Rodarte

If Little House on the Prairie got a makeover, this is what it would look like, and I love it. After setting aside the fashion for a few days to focus on schoolwork/sailing/my social life, I’d like to at least offer up some of the week’s best collections that I mused over without sharing (and we all know sharing is caring). One of those is most definitely Rodarte. The brainpower behind the brand, the Mulleavy sisters, is known for their intricately beautiful and complex designs, including the costumes (and Natalie Portman’s beautiful white dress) in Black Swan. This season, however, they’ve taken their imaginations and let them expand to more wearable, practical clothing, a trend evident in many collections. I love the neutral colors, and the ode to true Americana.

Rodarte RF11 0637

I love the coat: it is beautifully made and simple in design, and the feminine dress is offset by the rebellious black boots.

Rodarte RF11 0651

I love the geometry of this, and the practicality.

Rodarte RF11 0667

So sexy!! I would love to see someone wear this…somewhere. The angles and cuts are divine, and the waistline creates such a beautiful silhouette. I also love the hair and makeup: simple, unfussy, and a little messy.

Rodarte RF11 0774

I absolutely love this gown. It flatters the feminine figure, and the colors are interesting and dynamic. I love that it hugs the body and creates a shape rather than draping over it. Elegant and simple.

Rodarte RF11 0821

Laura Ingells Wilder…all grown up! I love the boots with this look.

Rodarte RF11 0861

I love the top of this dress. It is so interesting and fluid, and the color…amazing. I love that the bottom is literally a depiction of a field of wheat. Can you say Americana?

Rodarte RF11 0900

Deliciously structured.

Rodarte RF11 0979

I adore the movement of this look – and the embellishment at the waist, which draws the eye inward and emphasizes the figure in a very flattering way. I think this is so sublimely sexy.

Rodarte RF11 1002

Wearable haute-couture…I dig.

Rodarte RF11 1023

Get me a pair of those pants!!

Rodarte RF11 1134

I love the beige and black, with different patterns and textures. This look is so dynamic and interesting.

Rodarte RF11 1149

If I were getting married on a prairie, this is what I would wear. It is fluid and sexy, yet elegant and flattering. What’s not to love?

Rodarte RF11 1164

I just love this. I love everything: the print, the waist, the top, the tights and boots. Prairie chic, I’m surprised to say, is awesome.

Rodarte RF11 1182

Rodarte RF11 1204

I. Love. This. Outfit. I want it. All of it. The top is sexy, kind of androgynous, and almost 80’s but still modern. The skirt…all I can say is wow. I want those sparkles.

Rodarte RF11 1258

Beautiful!Rodarte RF11 1290

These are all the gowns that were shown under coats, etc. I love the basic structures, and feminine themes. I love this collection, even though it’s a little bit of a prairie-themed overload.

I think what I love is that these looks would look good on a real woman. The way the dresses pull in at the waist is incredibly flattering, especially on larger women, as it pulls the eye inwards and emphasizes the waist while downplaying everything else. These women know how to make clothes for women. And furthermore, they’re embracing American culture back to its root, which is such a great statement in today’s world. I’m a fan.

To check out the Mulleavy sisters’ creations for “Black Swan”, check out this amazing video from the New York Times: http://video.nytimes.com/video/2011/01/27/movies/awardsseason/1248069592076/the-costumes-of-black-swan.html?scp=4&sq=the%20black%20swan+rodarte&st=cse


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