Cupcakes and Cunningham

Just as I had decided on a weekend hiking trip with Haley and a few other friends, sponsored by our school’s Outdoors Club, there was a change in events. I walked down to practice to discover that I would be sailing at Old Dominion University (in Norfolk, Virginia) for the weekend. I was momentarily crushed. I haven’t been on a good overnight trip in years, and I was seriously looking forward to a weekend in the mountains with my best friend. Primarily, I wanted to get away from all things St. Mary’s and immerse myself in the Great Outdoors. However, I soon embraced the change: after a semester abroad, I definitely needed some team time, and I decided that there was nothing better than sweet baked goods to help enhance team spirit. And boy were they yummy….definitely a good choice.

A true chocolate indulgence.

The cupcakes were a hit, especially the little extra addition of chocolate chips on top: not only were they were more pleasing to the eye than just plain old cupcakes and frosting, but the extra chocolate was well worth it.

Both our team as well as ODU's were happy for a sweet treat after a long day of sailing.

Sailing turned out to be some of the most fun I’ve had in a while: a weekend without the pressures of getting dressed up or going out was incredible, especially staying in a hotel for a night and catching up on some sleep (10 hours, to be exact). It was a surprisingly relaxing weekend, with some great sailing and a good opportunity to just hang out with the team, who I haven’t spent much time with since being back.

I have nothing to say except, I wish I had baked more.

Honestly, I’m not sure what else to write about. I had an amazing weekend sailing, and Friday night just having some “me” time and baking cupcakes for the team was most definitely needed. But honestly, half the fun of making food is taking sweet pictures of it, so yeah…enjoy. I’ll try to post a bit more this week, but with midterms coming up I can’t promise much!


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