Restaurant Review: Rue de l’Espoir

As you can imagine, I have been craving French food ever since I returned to the States. Luckily, my dad knew of a restaurant in Providence, RI that serves up some French dishes in a cozy atmosphere near Brown University – Rue de l’Espoir. The small bistro-like establishment at 99 Hope Street in Providence is cute and cozy, and has an adorable bar that looked more inviting than the actual restaurant. As it turns out, the restaurant’s oh-so French name (which literally translates to “Hope Street”) is somewhat false advertising: I only saw a few French-like dishes on the menu, including duck confit, but many of the plates were more American.

The food itself was okay, nothing to write home about but better than your average-joe restaurant. My duck was good, but not amazing, and my mom’s pasta was somewhat bland and unexciting. The desserts were delicious, but I have to say those are hard to screw up. The atmosphere is lovely, and the service is friendly and attentive, but I was surprisingly unimpressed with the actual cuisine. I’d give it a B+ or A-, and if given the choice would head to Red Stripe down the street!!


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