Down By the River Side

A magical thing happens here in the spring: the sun comes out, the river warms up, and our school becomes a summer camp. The beach (yes, we have our own beach) is crowded with students every day, enjoying the warm weather and blowing off class to go sailing in one of the recreational boats or toss a football around with their friends. Even better, our spring break consists of a week straight of sailing, and when the weather has warmed up, we take off the layers of gear that have kept us warm all winter in exchange for bikinis and board shorts. What a life…

As the weather gets warmer, work begins a distraction from the summer camp that is everyday living in Southern Maryland. Study breaks are frequent and long, extending late into the afternoon and only finishing when the sun has finally sunk below the horizon on the other side of the river. Students head to the Point to watch the sun retreat slowly, sharing drinks and laughs over a fire as day turns into twilight.

We are pretty lucky to have the resources we do: 36 gorgeous boats, a brand new boathouse with a kitchen and a fireplace (and a bar), and of course the river and all of its beauty. I can tell it’s going to be an amazing spring already, I just can’t wait for the warm weather to get here!!


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