A Sweetly Southern Spring

I realize it has been almost exactly a month since my last post: let me just say that in between learning about postmodernism in Latin America, political philosophy, and art history, it has been hard to find time to publish anything worth reading. Alas, I don’t want to neglect my vie en rose, so I will force myself to procrastinate studying Spanish grammar in favor of posting some lovely photos of flowers that made me smile today.

The best thing about spring here is that it exists. New England is notorious for its rather rapid transition from winter to summer, without much blossoming or beauty in between, and for snowstorms as late as June. The South, however – and yes, southern Maryland is most definitely the South – experiences a springtime like nowhere else. It is sweet and sunny, and although there are a fair amount of rainy days, the oppressive Southern heat rolls in simultaneously and adds up to a delicious cocktail of thunderstorms and humid weather that reminds me of a Faulkner novel. Boston is still rainy and cold, and here it has been in the 70’s, the trees and flowers are in full bloom, and the river water is beginning to warm up to the point where it tempts me on hot days. I have yet to give in.

Flowers in wine bottles. Evidence of a true college student.

My only complaint about the spring here is its power to distract me from anything productive I might otherwise be doing. Studying? Probably deserted in favor of tanning on the docks. Writing papers? Neglected for an afternoon of walking through Historic St. Mary’s City and admiring the blossoming buds. Even class is forgotten for a day of hanging out by the water, windsurfing or sailing if the breeze permits. The worst part is probably the extent to which most professors understand – I have seen professors look out the windows of Kent Hall, the political science and economics building, to see their students windsurfing instead of sitting in class. Their response? “Well, it is a nice day.”

As summer fast approaches, and the cool breeze of spring ushers in the heavy heat of June, July and August, I am reminded of my next big adventure…

Just as I had a grande aventure in Paris, I am ready to take on the Big Apple. Okay, well, the Little Apple. This summer I’ll be working for a non-profit sailing center in Long Island, halfway between NYC and the Hamptons, blogging and doing PR. So thank you for all of your support for this little blog, as it has now landed me a job! After the hustle and bustle of metropolitan France, I am yearning for a few months of the city, and this will be the perfect compromise: most days I’ll be working, bouncing around between writing, interviewing, and photographing, and on my off days I will have the opportunity to explore New York City. I’ve started making a bucket list of things I need to see (the Guggenheim is up there), and since I’ll be a bit separated from city itself, I’ll have a more quiet home-base and different perspective. I’ll have equal opportunities to hit the beaches of Nassau County, where I’ll be working, and to head into the city to explore museums and take in the culture. Even better, my best friend who I met in Paris (and has featured prominently on this blog) will be working in NYC for the summer, so we’ll be living it up in NYC just like we did in the City of Lights. I actually cannot wait.

On that note, time to do some studying, but I promise more to come soon…


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