Good-bye Paris, Hello NYC!

Well, as they say, all good things must come to an end. I have been too nostalgic to Americanize my blog even though I’ve been home for several months now, but as I look towards a summer in Long Island, only 20 minutes from the heart of New York City, I realize that a new chapter – or blog post, if you will – is being written in my life. So time to update.

Au revoir, Paris!!!!

This was my bucket-list from Paris:

1. The Catacombs

2. St. Eustache

3. Louis Vuitton Gallery

4. Bateau Mouche

5. Musee des Legions d’Honneur et Ordres de Chevalerie

6. Musee de la Chasse et de la Nature (merci a Courtney)

7. Musee de la Marine

8. Attend a Greve!

9. Mont St. Michel

10. Fontainebleu

11. Monet’s house at Giverny

12. Loire Valley

13. Arc de Triomphe – all the way to the top!

14. Montparnasse Tower

15. Top of the Eiffel Tower

16. Attend a rugby match

17. Bordeaux

18. Versailles Gardens/Petit Trianon

19. That really old French restaurant

20. Picnic in a big garden

21. The Eiffel Tower

22. Luxembourg Gardens

23. Sacre Coeur

24. Le Bon Marche

25. Champs Elysees/Arc de Triomphe

26. Taste a variety of different cheeses

27. The Sewers of Paris

28. Musee D’Orsay

29. Louvre

30. L’Orangerie

31. Centre Georges Pompidou

32. Go to an outdoor market on the weekend

33. Attend mass at one of the churches

34. L’Eglise de Madeleine

35. Place de la Concorde

36. Tuileries

37. Versailles Gardens

38. Paris Mondial de l’Automobile

39. Concert

40. Pantheon

41. Invalides

42. Pere Lachaise Cemetary

43. Cimitiere de Montmartre

44. The Seine

45. Bateau Mouche cruise

46. Versailles

47. Chanel

48. Bercy Village/Biblio Francois Mitterand

49. Musee de Maillol

50. L’As du Falafel and Rue des Rosiers

51. Palais de Tokyo

Time to say good-bye.

Okay, so…if you’d be so kind as to glance to the upper right hand corner of the blog, you will notice that I’ve changed “The Bucket List” to “The Bucket List: NYC”. Yes, time to move on. I will continue to strive for a vie en rose, but it’s time to take on new adventures! Since I am so unfamiliar with the city, I suppose I’ll send this question out into the world wide web: what should I do in NYC? I have a few key items to get to, but what else should I take on? Any good hang-outs I should hit up? Help me out here, people…it’s a jungle out there.


2 thoughts on “Good-bye Paris, Hello NYC!

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