Breakfast in a Basket

Breakfast might be my favorite meal of the day: eggs, toast, fruit, hash browns, bagels – I’ll eat it all! Okay not really, but there is nothing I love more than a big, filling breakfast, especially if it follows a tough workout or a long run. After a nice morning of sleeping in, I did this new workout called the “One Hundred”: 100 jumping jacks, 90 crunches, 80 squats, 70 leg lifts, 60 jumping jacks, 50 crunches, 40 squats, 30 leg lifts, 20 jumping jacks, then 10 minutes of running. In the sticky heat, on a hot tennis court under the sun, I could feel myself burning, but pushed through the pain and sweat. Yeah that’s right, I am a champ. The best part was yet to come: breakfast!

The sign of a good breakfast is an empty plate.

I decided to try making “eggs in a basket”, because it seemed to take a lot of the hassle out of making an eggs-and-toast breakfast. Normally, I make eggs, then make toast, and then dip the toast in the yolk. But because “eggs in a basket” puts your eggs INSIDE the toast, it combines all the deliciousness of a breakfast classic into one simple, streamlined, efficient breakfast plate!


Ingredients (Makes two)

2 eggs

2 slices of whole wheat bread

2 slices of cheese (optional)

butter or Pam for the pan

salt, pepper to taste

Hellloooo breakfast


1. Grease up that pan, start heat on low

2. Using a knife, cut a large circle out of each slice of bread, then lightly butter each side

3. Place in the pan, and let one side get light brown, then flip over

4. Crack the egg inside the hole in the bread so that you have literally, an egg in a piece of bread, and let it cook for a few minutes until it’s firm but not completely cooked

5. Very carefully flip over, trying your best not to break the yolk, or let cook for sunny side up eggs

6. Melt some cheese on top, if you want. Pepperjack would be good with this! I used swiss and it came out great.

7. Place on plate

The perfect eggs in a basket will still have a runny yolk but be crisp on the outside!

See, easy! And delicious, especially with a cup of coffe 🙂


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