What girls think about during…..yoga.

I think my butt looks big in these pants…ok now twist to the right….hm, maybe I’d say muscular. I think my energy’s good today. Crap. Now I’m thinking about that depressing movie we watched in Spanish. Good vibes, good vibes. I’m totally kicking everyone else’s butt at this move. Hehe. Now be a tree. Be a strong oak…reaching up to the sky…..and falling. Damnit. I wonder if everyone else enjoys looking at themselves in the mirror as much as I do…I’m just a perfectionist. No, I’m actually incredibly vain. No! Peaceful thoughts….peaceful thoughts….be one with the earth. God my head hurts doing downward dog…and my face kind of looks like it’s melting off my face….that’s what it feels like too. Chipmunk cheeks!! Ha…no don’t laugh. Be serene. Tranquil. Yogaaaaa. Eew my mat smells like rubber and sweat. Gross. I kind of don’t want to put my face anywhere near it. Ick. I like that girl’s top…yeah, it’s lulu. Of course it’s lulu. She would. Whatever, mine is more flattering. No! Think peacefully, you love everyone, we are all flowers…..mmm. Calm. Why does this move make my muscles feel like sponges twisting out water? Am I dying? I think I’m dying. Breathe. Breeeaaatheeee. Okay, not so loudly next time. But my  hips feel kind of like they are going to just pop off like a chicken wing or something. Eew, awful image. Breathe deeply. Aaaaah silent screams! Seriously woman!? There is no such thing as good pain. It’s okay…shirvasana….my favorite part, nappy time. Mmm. Quiet. Now I just get to lie on my mat and go to sleep for five minutes. Ooh yay food! I can’t wait for lunch. French fries….maybe an apple and peanut butter….I wonder if there’s sushi today? Whatever, I just want a huge plate of french fries. God I’m so hungry. No, be silent and serene. Yes…inner peace. Nice.

Inner peace, yay.

Namaste, ladies.


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